Einzelsaite für Violine E-1, light, removable ball end, stainless steel

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Einzelsaite für Violine E-1, light, removable ball end, stainless steel What makes this string so special? Using a new alloy and a new, patented way of manufacturing the wire we combine high material strength with just the right characteristics, enable us to produce the perfect string. Most violin E strings are made of carbon steel wire, either plain or, in the case of tin or gold plated strings, with a metal coating. Pure carbon steel strings are sensitive to corrosion and the soft gold or tin plating gradually wears out when the string is played causing corrosion and decreased sound quality. The Lisa E suffers from none of these disadvantages. The stainless steel wire is immune from corrosion caused by high humidity or moisture from fingers. This means it can be used in all climates by all players. For the professionals! Lisa E features a warm yet powerful sound and an unmatched feel. Many combine it not only with our steel core strings but also with our competitors synthetic core strings. Specifications: Length: 325mm (12,80 In) Material: Stainless steel Ball/ Loop:Removable ball end Silking ball end: Black Silking peg end: Grey Tension Kg(lbs): 8,6 (19,2) Technical Data Violin 4/4 -32,5 cm Material: Stainless steel Ball/Loop: Removable ball end Art. No 1201 1211 1221 Gauge: Soft Medium Hard Colour at ball end: White Grey Black Colour at peg end: Grey Grey Grey Tention kg (lbs): 7,1(15,7) 7,8(17,2) 8,6(19,0)