PS75-4 | Esteve Special Model contrabass guitar solid cedar top

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contrabass guitar solid cedar top, solid rosewood sides, rw back, ebony fb, 4 strings, 750mm scale The Esteve PS75-4 is a 4 string contrabass guitar with a tuning that is one octave below a standard classical guitar. This will be the star in classical ensembles, as well as in any acoustic setting. The deep, round sound is unique and very inspiring. Very unlike steelstring acoustic bassguitars, this is the true deep bass sound you are looking for. Tuning is E A D G Every Esteve guitar is handmade by the most experienced luthiers in Valencia, Spain. specs top wood: solid cedar back and sides wood: solid Indian rosewood fingerboard wood: ebony bridge wood: Indian rosewood neck wood: cedro scale length: 750 mm neck joint: Spanish nut material: bone saddle material: bone strings: Labella L-CB-40 finish: highgloss case included