E-Violin Novita 3.0 by GEWA black

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E-Violin Novita 3.0 by GEWA black Concept / Development: GEWA Adorf, Product Manager Thomas Böhme Function-oriented design: the basic dimensions remain preserved from the classical violin silky matt finish, the wood structure remains visible Massive maple neck Designer screw Wittner fine tuning pegs Wittner chin rest Zurich Wittner tailpiece Wittner shoulder rest Isny Aubert jetty Thomastik-Infeld strings AlphaYue Specially developed GEWA pickup Piezo system is mounted directly on the bridge (either left or right) Output optionally between headphones and amplifier Fits in every GEWA case Incl. 3 cushions for case Battery not included Weight: approx. 550 g